I encourage you to eat as much as you want and eat it all…. have a whole apple pie and have it with lots of ice cream and cookies but on 1 condition you must cook it all.

Let me start by taking you through my journey of how food become my passion… from a very young age I was always interested in food mainly eating it! But also cooking and wanting to find out what flavours mix well together and why. As a child I used to hover around the kitchen whilst my mum was cooking, she would cook everyday regardless of time. This is how I grew up to cook your food is real food.

My mum came from East Africa where they grew up eating together and cooking together. I believe my grandfather owned his own restaurant and maybe this is where my passion for food comes from.

I want to share with you all my recipes, my mother’s recipes and my mother in laws recipes. All very different styles of cooking due to the different ways we grew up learning how to cook. But all recipes very uniquely made. I hope you enjoy cooking these recipes and enjoy the journey.